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Fort Lauderdale,  FL 33310
Paul J. Prager

Whether you are planning a Casino Night for 10 friends or expecting an attendance of more than 2,500. We have the finest equipment and staff available to ensure that your next event will be a smashing success!

Black Jack- Whether your guests choose to play with a calculated or uncontrolled strategy, watch their delight as they go one on one with "The House".

Unique top dimension allows for a comfortable uncrowded maximum number of 7 players, padded arm rest, a sturdy black base and contemporary spandex covered stools compliment this popular game. Dimension of table is 3'(d) x 5'(w).

Craps- This fast and furious game with it's alluring suspense can turn an impulsive hunch into a thrilling victory.

A showpiece finished in high gloss cherry mahogany stain gives our design a rich and impressive look. Curved ends, diamond rubber chip rails and mirrored sides with a custom green felt complete the look. Dimension of table is 4'(d) x 12'(w).

Roulette- A well placed chip and a favorable spin is all it takes to turn the tables on "Lady Luck".

A sturdy wood design finished in a beautiful high gloss cherry mahogany stain, custom layout and padded arm rest creates a dramatic appeal. Dimension of table is 3'(d) x 8'(w).


Wheel of Fortune- With each spin of the wheel, this game is the game that will stimulate the most timid of guests. 2'(d) x 4'(w) x 7'(h).

Several stunning wheels to choose from, Chuck-A-Luck, Numbered or the ever popular Money Wheel are all designed with a comfort and style unique to the industry.


* Please note the above measurements are of the equipment only. They do not include necessary space required for players. To determine minimum space required between tables and for players add 3' to perimeter of each table. For aisles and crowd flow between food stations, bars and or guest seating allow 8' minimum from edge of table.

All equipment is provided for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used in violation of any city ordinance, county or state law. All layouts state "For Entertainment Only" " No Gambling" and are expressly designed for that purpose.


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