August 4, 2010

Definitive Design

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With equipment styling so unique and impressive our tables are enhancing and complimenting venues and events throughout South Florida and Los Angeles.

We transform convention resorts, catering facilities, country clubs, restaurants, home parties and corporate events into stunning presentations of exciting participatory Casino Night fun.

Below is a Before and After transformation we created from a warehouse into an executive retreat for a companies poker night invite.

Before Before Aftermahog-bar.jpg

November 16, 2009

Lighted Tables Light Up LIV

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South Floridas multi million dollar multi level nightclub just got that much better with the addition of our LED lighted Casino tables for an ultra high end event.

Watch the video of our tables Live at LIV:

prager-b-jack.JPG copyprager-lght-dbl.jpg prager-lght-dlr-craps.JPG

July 7, 2008

Start Your Own Casino Business

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showgirl-texas-tournadjusted.jpgnewdiceblog.jpg angled-ace.jpg

Are you looking for a fun and entertaining business? We are expanding with opportunities available throughout the USA.

Prager has been established serving the south Florida market since 1984. We have experienced growing revenue in healthy economic times and stable revenue in less favorable climates. Through the years we have watched many imitators come and go, however it is our experience, innovative ideas and quality equipment that has provided for our longevity.

With our successful formula we are now offering our model as an opportunity for success. We have two options available:

1. Prager will partner with you and provide the equipment in exchange for equity position in the location. By partnering with Prager we will provide you with all necessary equipment and supplies in return for a percentage of revenue. This amount will fluctuate depending upon sales. Seeking alliances with established party and event companies looking to expand their product / theme party base.

2. Lease the equipment on a per table basis. Regardless of revenue your monthly payment is consistent and determined by number of tables in your inventory. This option is available for start-ups and individuals or companies with a strong foundation in the special event industry or someone that wants to change careers and start a business with limited capital exposure.

July 4, 2008

Celebrity Events

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We are the company poker legends and celebrities depend on to run their high profile events. The following are just a few of the many celebrities that have utilized our services for their successful events or attended one of our parties.

Just some of our recent highlights include:

PDiddy Four Day Party MTV Awards
Doyle Brunson Charity Event
Phil Hellmuth Charity Event
Mike Ditka Grid Iron Greats Charity Event
Playboy Mansion Charity Event
Sports Foundations Charity Event
Black Tie Galas Charity Event
Donald Trumps Mar Lago

Doyle Brunson and Paul J. Prager A Rod and Pam Anderson Phil Hellmuth  and Paul J. Prager Phil Laak Tom Brady scott-weiland.jpg Dealer Doll Lori, Tommy Davidson, Paul J. Prager, Dealer Doll CC Joe Montana Evander Holyfield Jay Z Snoop Dogg Scott Sullivan & Mike Lowell Dealer Doll Owner Jodi & Phil Laak Jamie Gold & Paul J. Prager Mike Ditka Grid Iron Greats pharrell.jpg Lennox Lewis

May 22, 2008

Playboy Event 2008

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WOW what an event! Wish you could have been there.

Prager Casino Productions, Corp. along with the Dealer Dolls created one of the best Casino Night events ever produced at the Playboy mansion in L.A. What made this event so unique was the introduction of our Lighted Casino tables. Although a great many of our customers here in Florida have enjoyed them it was a first in L.A.

lightedcrps1x2.jpg lightedrou1x2.jpg lightedbj1x2.jpg paintedbunnies1x2.jpg

So unique are the tables for the mansion and the L.A. party circuit that host, Jamie Gold (winner of the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event) commented how “terrific” they are.


Thanks Jamie!

There were plenty of Bunnies on hand but this event wouldn’t have been as spectacular if it wasn’t for the Dealer Dolls.

Great job Jodi and Melissa for having such a great group of fantastic dealers.